Got s02 e06

GoT S02 Episode 6 Narrow Escapes and Breathtaking Twists

Game of Thrones Season 2 episode 6 continues shedding new light on the lives of the most important characters, adding new twists to the storyline which are often portrayed in a shockingly graphical manner.

This is perhaps the most eventful episode of the season so far, its plot taking us to many of the key locations related to the major players involved in the power games of Westeros, where tensions and ambitions seem to run increasingly higher.


Got s02 e06

The Stark Children’s Adventures in Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 6

This episode focuses more on the Stark children and their struggles, which are quite inspiring in some cases, while keeping us at the edge of our seats in others. The most important event is the represented by the moment Bran Stark is forced to surrender Winterfell, where we witness a changed Theon Greyjoy literally terrorizing the people he grew up with.


Arya Stark’s seemingly comfortable position as Tywin Lannister’s cup bearer is also threatened in Game of Thrones Season 2 episode 6, but she narrowly escapes detection with the help of her mysterious friend, Jaqen H’ghar.

Arya’s sister, Sansa Stark, goes through an even more shocking ordeal, as, after King Joffrey’s party is attacked by the people who are enraged by the way the young king has been running things, is rescued in the last moment from a band of angry peasants who are determined to ravage her.


In contrast with the other Starks, Robb Stark gains reputation as a powerful king growing more popular by the minute. His life is not easy at all, however, as the news of Winterfell’s demise has reached him quickly, and he is almost ready to give up everything he had achieved and return home.


Jon Snow, Ned Stark’s bastard son, meets a new “friend” in his adventures beyond the Wall after he is unable to kill a beautiful wildling girl named Ygrette. Left behind by his party, he has to decide on his own what to do next.

Daenerys Targaryen and Her Slow Progress to the Iron Throne

In a seemingly more peaceful situation, Daenerys Targaryen attempts to reason with the most influential people in the city of Qarth. Her attempts to ask for their help in taking her rightful place on the Iron Throne is met with coldness, however, as none of them is willing to invest in what they believe to be a lost cause.

Shortly after the meeting with the Spice King Daenerys returns to her quarters to find her loyal retainers slaughtered and her three dragons taken.  What is The Mother of Dragons without any dragons?

Game of Thrones Season 2 episode 6 depicts the story of Westeros in increasing detail, showing how the determination of the characters can shed new light on their complex personalities, as the action continues to unfold more dramatically than ever before.